Yesterday the toilet brush was an object to hide and today it is a design object to show

The first chase of association between a bath object to use every day with contemporary art happened in 1917, when Marcel Duchamp signed an urinal with the name “R.Mutt”. It was the famous Duchamp’s Fountain. Today Lineabeta has invented a new word for the new bath furnishing items: bajle, butto, calla, longa, pesse, racola, robò, vovo … a wonderful series of toilet brushes realized in stainless steel and in different ironic forms.

In 1990 Carlo Buzzi, an Italian contemporary artist, has used in art context a WC brush to realize his Picasso work. This artwork consists in the realization of advertising pages, placards and posters, where the bath brush is associated to Picasso’s name, to simulate a fake art exhibition of the artist.

Marcel Duchamp Fontana 1917 Carlo Alberto Buzzi Picasso 1990

In 1993 Alessi introduced Merdolino in the market, a bath brush designed by the Italian architect and designer Giovannoni, realized in thermoplastic resin. Its peculiarity is the cartoon effect, a slim jar where grows an imaginative shrub.

The historical Gedy company, indeed, in 1974 had the idea to provide the customer the possibility to buy an item which could be used to make more beautiful, practical and nicer your bathroom: it is the case of Cucciolo brush holder designed by Makio Hasuike, realized in thermoplastic resin and acrylic, exposed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Makio Hasuike Cucciolo 1974 Stefano Giovannoni Merdolino 1993

Today we present a toilet brush series really original and likewise decorative… and you no longer need to teach painstakingly your children to use it for letting the toilet always clean. A simple bath complement flower-shaped (buds and calla), able to surprise your “bathroom guests”. Another funny WC brush is the robot series… not to mention the beautiful giraffe!

A toilet brush holder with strong personality, able to add something more in your bathroom!

Scopini WC Portascopini Lineabeta bajle, butto, cala, longa, pesse, racola, robo



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