Urea Duroplast Wc-Seats

INNER VALUES. Quality begins with the material

Therefore we make no compromises when it comes to the materials for our WC seats. Be it Duroplast or Thermoplast, only the best quality is good enough for our seats. Whether it is about stability, durability, longevity, easy maintenance or hygiene: With our quality assurance and material tests our stringent inspection and test procedures reliably eliminate material defects. Various certificates and quality awards have confirmed this again and again.

Urea (Duroplast)
This high-performance material with the look and feel of ceramic is the ideal material. It is a highly break-proof Duroplast with an extremely hard surface and the smooth, non-porous surface is ideal for maintaining hygiene conditions. Even after years of use, Urea loses none of its shine.

Duroplast WC seats are distinguished by:

  • WC Seats contain no environmentally hazar-dous substances and are therefore skin-friendly.
  • WC Seats are easy to clean (care instructions) and the smooth, non-porous surface is ideal for maintaining hygiene.
  • Duroplast WC Seats are resistant to scratches under normal household conditions.
  • Duroplast WC Seats are very durable and hard-wearing.
    Copriwater in termoindurente UREA: la qualità inizia dalla materia prima!

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