Mini washbasins, SintesiBagno helps you choosing small washbasins for your bathroom.

Nowadays most of modern houses have two or more bathrooms, thus the first problem you could encounter is that one of these bathrooms could be too small. In the face of increasing demand, in recent years many companies have developed some lines of items ad hoc, referring to basins of small dimensions.
Besides the differentiation of the forms, the materials have evolved significantly, too.
Simas develops products suitable as “mini-basins” in FROZEN line and in EVOLUTION one.
FROZEN – characterized by squared forms and that attention in detail – proposes the model FZ 14, a single hole washbasin 43×33,5 cm sized.
About EVOLUTION – with soft and classic shapes reinterpreted in a modern way by the Italian designer Terry Pecora – the models EVO13 and EVO14. EVO13 is a wall-hung single hole washbasin, 31×27 cm sized, and EVO14 34×31 cm sized.


From the company Catalano, in particular Versotrentasette and Versoventicinque lines have models under 50 cm width. Versotrentasette 50 50×37 cm (a single hole washbasin), Versotrentasette 37 37×37 cm (for faucets on deck), Versoventicinque 50 50×25 cm (a single hole washbasin), Versoventicinque 35 35×25 cm (a single hole washbasin).

The mini-basins of C family present simple and soft solutions. C1 45 is a washbasin for single-hole faucets or wall-hung ones, 45×55 cm sized. C1 30 is 30×38 cm sized.
CX Catalano’s series has one oval and two rounded models. CX 55, a washbasin suitable for deck-mounted or wall-hung taps is 55×35 sized. CX 45 and CX 35 are suitable for deck-mounted and wall-hung taps, they are round and have respectively 45 cm and 35 cm diameter.


Lineabeta presents in its catalogue two lines entirely realized in Mattstone and in glass with different finishes.
MOMOM, two models respectively 48×43 cm and 25×40 cm sized.
QUARELO, a wall-hung model 33×29 cm sized and a deck-mounted or wall-hung one 33×36,5 cm sized.
At last, POCIA family is realized with glass basins and the support for top in polished stainless steel. For each model, POCIA presents different possible finishes for the basin: glass silver or gold leaf, glass green ice or black and red colours.



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