Toilet seats

Carrara&Matta’s 100 pieces: the toilet-seat becomes an author’s chair. Carlo Tinti designs the symbol-chair of this toilet-seat’s company

MIRANDA. Limited edition celebrates 70 years: just a seat, not only a toilet seat.

«Starting from the project so dear to the Dadaists, with this project I want to approach to ready-made. That is, to re-use an item created for a purpose and rethought to give form and function to another one. This provocation was inspired by Buñuel’s movie: ”The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie”». Carlo Tinti.

Miranda, designed by Carlo Tinti, is the symbol-chair realized by Carrara & Matta on occasion of the 70 years of activity, celebrated during CERSAIE 2010’s fair in Bologna, Italy. It is a concept which creates a fruit of provocation, aptitude and technology research furnishing complement.

This project inspires to Dada’s lesson, that decontextualizes the everyday objects and transporting them into a different dimension, where meanings, connotations and interpretation are different, too.

Like Duchamp’s fountain, Miranda plays with the viewer, ironizing about his own polyvalent meaning. His message is perceived instantly: if you sit down on this chair, it signifies that you become an artistic creation’s guest.

It is a toilet-seat which transforms itself in a design complement in all the effects.
Carrara & Matta has chosen as seat Firenze 2.1, the top of the range toilet seat, that adapts to all the standard WCs, characterized by soft and elegant lines, but also by big robustness, as it is entirely realized in Durolux®, a thermosetting resin of high quality. The light and essential feature today becomes a furniture complement.

The ready-made‘s touch joins the visionary surrealism: the name Miranda comes from the imaginary republic mentioned in the movie of Louis Buñuel, where a diplomatic, the protagonist, claims to represent it as an elitist place, so as for the chair, indeed produced in limited series of 100 pieces.

In the etymology of the name echoes furthermore the Latin verb mirari (which means to admire, to look with wonder), to emphasize wonder and surprise, that the seat provoke at first glance.


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