Stainless steel in bathroom… the new technological and eternal radiators!

If in a bathroom there is a “chromed” radiator towel warmer, you see immediately its class and elegance.

Until now these radiators were made only in “chromed” carbon steel. The base material is steel, iron and brass… all covered by a chrome-based protective film, which allows to reduce the corrosion and harden the surface material. It is a very good productive process… but if it breaks or in case of protective film porosity, the underlying metal starts to corrode and this film crumbles itself (of course not all the radiators in trade!).

Nowadays many companies offer the possibility to buy a wonderful and resistant radiator: the stainless steel one. Stainless steel is an hygienic and nontoxic material, resistant to high and low temperatures and recyclable 100%. What you see outside is the same inside…

How much will cost a towel warmer radiator of this material? What is unbelievable? Today there are many companies which propose a wide range of radiators at a price similar to the chromed ones…. or even lower!

Tubular towel warmer:

The first commercially available was “ELEN” of Cordivari. A fine piece, with a durable gloss and it is available in polished and brushed version. It offers different measures and heat yields.

SANDY”, a towel warmer with an essential feature, simple, warm and elegant! It integrates seamlessly with all the bathrooms. It is available only in polished version.

Reed radiator:

STEFANIA”, dedicated to more demanding and sophisticated people. Wide measure range. Polished or brushed finish.

Design towel warmer and radiator:

LOLA”, in mirror polish finish. Clothes/towel hangers for the radiator are available, too. Polished or brushed finish, otherwise the new “decor”: brushed and polished finish coexist, creating games of light.

Art work!!

KELLY”: minimal forms for this polish

ed stainless steel model. The two vertical collectors serve as useful towel holders. This is one of the most elegant and fine models.

STRADIVARI”: projected by the Italian designer Luca Sacchetti. It is based on the concept of the combination of the different radiants. Linear geometry of its brushed stainless steel elements enhances and defines the environment.

FRAME INOX”: radiant plate. Pure line and high-impact. Polished finish, with towel holder as accessory, which may be a design radiator or a towel warmer. The last version presented, “frame decor”, joins the polished base with the fascinating brushed graphic pattern.FOR OTHER TECHNICAL DETAILS AND TO KNOW PRICE CONNECT TO E-COMMERCE SITE HERE


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