Hand showers

Shower, handshower and flexible hose

Different companies go looking for research and innovation about these auxiliary objects: for example HANSA2DAY handshower allows it to switch, with a simple rotation of the shower spout, from a common jet to a waterfall jet. HANSA2DAY is a smart and dynamic handshower, able to satisfy every aesthetic taste and it may adapt itself in each ambience. It is ideal for those who wish something aesthetic different and for who wants to live new experiences in the shower.


With HANSACLEAR LUX you can see water path in the handshower, thanks to the transparent material. The handshower is also inside illuminated, so everyone may relax with his favourite colour (white, yellow, orange, red, violet, blue, light blue or green). The lighting function is regulated and powered by a small battery, which needs to be recharged only few times, and you can extract and insert it fine by yourself. The charger is included with the handshower.

Punta invece esclusivamente sull’emozionalità e a rendere l’acqua vivibile in tutti i “sensi” HANSACLEAR LUX - la doccia che ogni giorno si illumina per voi! – che grazie al materiale trasparente di questa gamma rivoluziona il design doccia rendendo il percorso dell’acqua visibile nel soffione. Ma non basta: la doccia è anche illuminata dall’interno. Si può scegliere a piacere il colore della luce premendo semplicemente un tasto. Così ciascuno può rilassarsi o caricarsi di energia con il suo colore preferito.

Bossini has even original proposals, as Dinamica and Slim series.
Dinamica handshower has a modern design and a perfect round form -140 or 110 mm diameter-, projected to distribute a wide jet. The peculiarity of Slim series is flat spray, called “Cascade Spray”.
Both articles have Easy-Clean function, to clean easily the handshower from the limestone. They may be installed on wall with a fixed support or with a sliding rail.
Bossini offers other items like CUBE and CUBICA, characterized by a square form.


All the flexible hoses are chromed, tear resistant and with a rotating cone against twisting.



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