BLOG EVOLUTION, the water saving ecological taps: the news about water saving mixer taps. Your Energy Saving!

Rubinetto BLOG EVOLUTION Ecologico: la novità dei rubinetti miscelatori a risparmio acqua. Your Energy Saving!

Italy (with Cyprus, Malta and Spain) is one of the European countries with the highest Water Stress rate. Even tough available water resourcing in Europe is absolutely significant, more than 18% of the Europe’s Population lives in a state of Water Stress and this value is steadily increasing.

Ecological BLOG EVOLUTION is the first mixer taps series with ecological conscious, which allows water saving up to 75%, without renouncing to the comforts of a standard tap. BIG EVOLUTION‘s “Ecological conscious” is in their “brain”, i.e. in WS Cartridge (Water saving)

WS cartridge is projected with a device, which, during the opening phase of the control handle, stops on 8° of the mixer opening (in case of necessity is possible – exerting more force on the handle – to open the mixer completely, but only for the user’s needs).

If you open the mixer at 8°, it does not mean that the water flow is limited and hence insufficient, but instead it means that uses the essential in a regime of perfect functionality. Normally we all open the mixer lever completely. BLOG EVOLUTION sends us an intelligence message thanks to the clutch lever, because opening to 8° is more than enough for the ordinary needs.

You may save between 40% and 60%, with peaks up to 75% of water.

BLOG EVOLUTION is available for all the components of the bath taps. BLOG EVOLUTION standard and with raised base, wall-mounted, for bidet, for built-in bath and shower, external bath and shower.

Before buying this item in our E-commerce: Ecological BLOG EVOLUTION is a very nice design-tap… and at a very convenient price!



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