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How to make a SPA (wellness centre) in your bathroom

Wellness concept
Home Wellness
Bathroom is today synonym of leisure, quietude and a privileged place to take care of ownself. Bathroom like ambience where you relive your spa experience, through showers, bath accessories and details technologically and aesthetically attractive.

Mixer-valve taps
Thermostatic mixers with 2, 3, 4 or 5-way diverter


Thermostatic solutions
2,3,4,5 ways
It is possible to realize the environment you wish and you like.

The benefits of installation
Tap and diverter you receive are already connected to each other.


The benefits of maintenance
It is very simple and fast to change a cartridge.

Thermostatic mixer “vade mecum”

  • A. Integrated system selector valve. Functions: opening and closing water; water outlet selection (to the shower head or to the hand shower, according to the installation and the elements)
  • B. Thermostatic mixer, setting temperature.
  • C. Safety button at 38°C (100°F)
  1. Thanks to SECUREstop, you could adjust the temperature knob at the ideal temperature you wish, so you will never scald yourself.
  2. You may adjust the lever of the integrated system valve, to choose the water outlet you wish.
  3. If you lift up the lever of the integrated system valve, you open water and you may determinate its amount.




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