Toilet seats

Wooden toilet-seats with polyester-resin coating: maximum reliability for a WC-seat!

Most toilet seats offered by SintesiBagno use wood coated polyester construction technology…

SintesiBagno toilet seat is the outcome of handicraft’s evolution into a vanguard manufacturing process guided by Italian knowhow. Selected polyester resins are poured all over the chipboard wood heart creating not only a smooth and perfect finish, but also a strong and indestructible product.

Poured toilet seats range is made up of more than 1000 models that fit almost all ceramics wc-bowls from the main sanitary-ware manufacturers. Our chrome-plated brass hinges are designed to increase the seat reliability.
With more than 200 finish colors our toilet seats are suitable for different matching solutions.

Top 6 reasons to choose a poured toilet seat:

  • perfect finish
  • brightness
  • pleasant feeling of warmth
  • high quality and timeless materials
  • the right choice for home and luxury hotels
  • 1000 models 200 colours

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