GEDA: faucets syntheses and vanguard for the minimalist bathroom

Nowadays GEDA is a well-established reality and it has reached significant goals in the market of the taps and shower accessories.

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From several years GEDA works with a design-studio for graphic and aesthetic setting, with the aim of finding its own personal identity and an high position in the market between the best tap-companies.

This company exposed for the first time in the CERSAIE fair, thus confirming its quality and style. It has conquered new frontiers in the foreign market, thanks to the request increase of the design and high quality products.

New and more specific machineries are introduced to upgrade the productive department of mixer taps.

gedanextage hito rubinetto miscelatore rialzato senza salterello per lavabo

GEDA works with the logic to respect the environment, going on to project items which contain the energetic consumption and the resources and to keep the quality and aesthetic standards, required by the market. In facts the environment and ecosystem save are today hot topics and deeply felt by all.

In most of the products, GEDA uses ceramic disk cartridges to mix water, which are able to reduce water flow more than half. GEDA responds perfectly to market needs through competitive products and services, from both the quality point of view and price.gedanextage collezione rubinetti miscelatori lavaboFOR OTHER TECHNICAL DETAILS AND TO KNOW PRICE CONNECT TO E-COMMERCE SITE HERE


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