CORDIVARI Design: online, with possibility to request quotes, by SintesiBagno the catalogue of the leader company of radiator furnitures

With CORDIVARI the radiators become contemporary living protagonists, they give style and elegance in every atmosphere and kind of furnishing. CORDIVARI Design series is made up of three lines: INOX radiators, EXTRALISM radiators, COLOR PICTURE radiators.radiatoridarredo_cordivari_serieinox_babyla_line

BABYLA, mat or bright in the new mirror finish version, is the radiator characterized by a simple and elegant line. Realized entirely in polished and brushed stainless steel, it can be recovered of practical and useful accessories with storage shelves, mirror and hangers.
LINE is the model of current style. On the vertical radiant elements is hoisted a big mirror, suitable for a modern context.
LOLA bright or mat. Nowadays it is proposed with a new bright finish, accompanied by light plays thanks to the stainless steel radiant series, which create a comfortable and well-being atmosphere. The particular mirror finish adds aesthetic value in every ambience, classic or modern.
RENÉE bright or mat. Enveloping geometry, warm and protective which enhances every reflected image. Two radiator groups in polished and brushed stainless steel enclose a central mirror.radiatoridarredo_cordivari_serieinox_lola_renee
KELLY. Minimal forms in polished stainless steel. Two vertical collectors support the radiant elements, which act as useful towel-rails. It is one of the most elegant and refined radiators.
ELEN. The furnishing radiator entirely in stainless steel. Elen (mat or bright) is a precious piece which blends with the most exclusive bath ambiences. It is elegant and refined.
With Elen bears also the first electric radiator entirely in polished stainless steel, Elen elettrico, available in standard version and with ambient thermostat.
Radiator Nancy is a fascinating component. The curved radiant heater block enhances the stainless steel brightness, in polished or brushed version. Nancy is available in electric version with electrical resistance and with ambient thermostat.
Claudia Inox, one of the most suggestive radiators, made entirely in stainless steel.
Stefania satisfies a more demanding and sophisticated public in new polished version, with linear and clean finish and profile.
Rio, bright or mat, has the curved radiant series which recalls the movement of a stream. Its movements cause a strong energy charge.

Built in a single radiator, Movie becomes a symbol object of daily life.
Hand is a model characterized by a cool design with an original composition of radiant elements. The valves and the wall mounts remain hidden, to enhance the innovative form.
Badge offers an absolutely original form. Three models which represent a revolution for its design and for the use of a particular innovative technology, which have contributed to the achievement of the prestigious Design Plus Award 2007.
Jungle is a sign, an unique symbol, elementary, primitive, senseful.


COLOR PICTURE series is characterized by the available variety of colours, more than 100 ecological epoxy dusts and 90 brightness gloss finish.
FRAME model offers different variants: varnished Frame, with essential looking; polished stainless steel Frame, which reproduces light reflexes and plays; Frame Inox Decor, which joins the polished basis with the fascinating bushed design.
For CORDIVARI Frame models you find on its website the colour table which displays the different tonalities in a furnished ambience. HIER the link to visualize the website.



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