CATALANO, the “Made in Italy” expression. New website and new catalogue of bath products.

Ceramica Catalano has founded in 1967 and nowadays is the Italian company which offers the best quality in the ceramic sanitary sector. It is an non-imitable quality of the bath products.

This prestigious company presents the new card catalogue and has restyled its website.

Proiezioni is the new range of Catalano, made up of seven washbasins with minimum width, only 42 cm, organized in 2 groups with typological characteristics: 102, 105, 90 and 75, about wall-mounted and built-in washbasins, indeed 80, 60 and 42 about wall-mounted and free standing washbasins. Dedicated chrome aluminium towel-rails are available for all washbasins. Proiezioni has got prestigious international recognitions for its innovative contents.

Muse, the other new program on the list, is a collection of multiform talent items; a design that matches memory, technological know-how and contemporary insight. Their soft and reassuring shapes retrieve a classic harmony in tune with the present time. The collection includes three washbasins 100, 80 and a 60 (which stands in free standing version) two couples of toilets (wall-hung and free standing), bidets (wall-hung and free standing) and an urinal. Muse washbasin 100 is integrable with a specific structure in white or chrome aluminium or with towel rail in chrome aluminium. The washbasin 80 provides for the integration of a towel rail in chrome aluminium. All the washbasins are available in a precious silver and black finish. For the toilets and bidets is available the black colour.

There are news for almost all products.

Proiezioni, as stated above, is the new program of Catalano. For Verso line (washbasins, toilets and bidets), new Verso 70, Verso 55, VersoTrentasette 37 e VersoVenticinque 25. For Zero line (washbasins, toilets and bidets) Zero 60, ZeroTondo 65, Zero+ 60, Z 55 WC, Z 55 Bidet. C line presents new C3 60. At least Doccia VersoDoccia 140 program , VersoDoccia 90 and angled VersoDoccia 90.

Verso is the most innovative sanitary family of Catalano: its ceramic has the highest quality level. All products are based on square matrix, that allows to offer versatile typological solutions: higher wall-hung installations, sit-on installations, semi-inset, undercounter, minimum size, etc. Nowadays the collection is made up of six systems: Verso, VersoTrentasette (washbasins deep 37cm), VersoVenticinque (washbasins deep only 25cm), Verso WC e bidet, VersoComfort (program for disabled and elder) and VersoDoccia (showers featuring floor level trays). Some of these products are available in black colour.

Zero is the first wide family of sanitary-ware, designed by Catalano. Its products are common of an innovative content: typological versatility. In fact, the washbasins can be installed wall-hung, resisting on a work top and semi-fitted. The program is made up of two systems, clustered by their shape: Zero, ZeroDomino and ZeroTondo are based on geometric regular matrices. The program includes also dedicate fittings, such as chrome-brass towel rails, drawers aluminium structures.

catalano_presentazione-nuovo-catalogo-listino-prezzi_lavabicoloreRoma is the most innovative Catalano’s concept. A sanitary-ware range that changes its connotation according to the fittings to be matched. Roma is ideal for classic space rather than contemporary environment.

It is made up of eleven washbasins, also available in decorated version, from 35cm up to 120cm long, that can be matched with wall-hung and floor-standing toilets and bidets. Dedicated towel-rails and metal or wood support frames are available. Three shower trays with well-visible rims are part of Roma family, also available with an anti-slip texture decoration.

In IMaestri collection is comprised Thun washbasin, where the distinctive natural shape of its sink becomes more evident in the coloured version. Pietraserena, Travertino and also in purple, blue, green and yellow colours, otherwise special gold and silver covers.

Appoggio|Incasso section (free standing/built-in section) represents a collection of different washbasin models, present in Catalano’s catalogue. It is a wide sanitary family wares which satisfies multitudinous dimensional and formal requirements of design, from 35cm up to 110cm. Equally varied is the formal offer which includes quadrangular washbasins, like Roma and Verso family models and the circular and elliptical washbasins, like Zero+ and C. The last both sanitary-ware ranges have in common simpler and softer morphological solutions, suitable for different needs of space and combinations.

Canova is the historical sanitary-ware range of Catalano, suitable for bathroom of classical atmospheres. It has soft and smart lines with stylistic decorations. This series is made up of 2 washbasins, 90 and 68, two pairs of wall-hung or free standing washbasins and bidets. The washbasins 90 can be composed with a mirror and a towel-rail in chromed brass.


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