Radiators Taps/Mixers

BAGNO&LUCE: LED RGB colour light faucets, acqua&luce (water&light) mixers, calore&luce (heat&light) radiators

Water, light and heat emanate as a natural spring.

Try to image your taps with blue light when cool water flows, or red light when hot water runs…

According the colour therapy, the colours should help body and psyche to rediscover their own natural balance and they would have physical and psychic effects, able to stimulate and to allay some symptoms.

The chromotherapeutic practices were already known from the Ancient Egypt… red is a stimulating colour. Yellow is the colour of the serenity. Green, the calming colour… balance, relax and peace, refreshing and fortifying. Blue represents tranquillity and emotional serenity.

Dream Cube Light is a wonderful water and colour rain. To maximize the colour therapy effects the shower is accompanied by a stimulating water jet.

4 or 10 LED RGB lights allow to create beautiful chromatic plays, like red, yellow, green and blue. With Dream Cube you can have a pleasant and relaxing shower.

The “Soul” shower column series has an high level of aesthetic and simple solutions: colour therapy, central shower head, electronic panel, temperature regulated mixing-valve tap, reclining seat, hydromassage…

Wahrol is a mixer tap characterised by coloured light. It has a particular technology: when water flows, takes on different colours according to the temperature: for hot water you’ll see RED, warm water turns PURPLE, indeed for cold water the colour is BLUE. Everything without any electrical connections.


Badge by Cordivari is a radiator with an original form. There are three models and they represent a revolution for its design and the use of a particular innovative technology.

Badge Led satisfy all the senses, thanks to the colour and heat which it gives.cordivari badge led radiatore elettrico illuminato led


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